EPPA Glossary: Key Terms & Definitions for Developers and Consultants

EPPA Key Terms & Definitions

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): A detailed document that analyzes the potential environmental impacts of a proposed project or action, as required under Section 8002(e) of the EPPA for projects that may significantly affect the environment.

Environmental Public Policy Act (EPPA): The primary environmental law in Puerto Rico, established in 2004, which sets forth the public policy for the conservation, development, and use of natural resources on the island. The EPPA is codified in 12 Laws of Puerto Rico Annotated, Sections 8001-8007f.

Environmental Quality Board (EQB): The primary agency responsible for implementing and enforcing the EPPA and other environmental regulations in Puerto Rico, as established under Section 8003 of the EPPA.

Hazardous Substance: Any substance designated as hazardous under Section 8002(h) of the EPPA, which may pose a threat to human health or the environment if released or mishandled.

Permit: An authorization issued by the EQB under Section 8004 of the EPPA, which allows a regulated entity to conduct an activity that may impact the environment, subject to certain conditions and limitations.

Pollutant: Any substance or energy introduced into the environment that may cause harm to human health or ecological systems, as defined under Section 8002(p) of the EPPA.

Prohibited Activities: Specific activities or practices that are banned under Section 8004a of the EPPA due to their potential to cause significant environmental harm, such as the discharge of untreated sewage or the destruction of wetlands without proper permits.

Public Participation: The involvement of the public in the decision-making process for projects or actions that may affect the environment, as required under Section 8002(q) of the EPPA, which may include public hearings, comment periods, or other opportunities for input.

Regulated Entity: Any person, organization, or agency subject to the requirements of the EPPA and its implementing regulations, as defined under Section 8002(r) of the EPPA.

Wetland: An area that is inundated or saturated by surface or groundwater at a frequency and duration sufficient to support vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions, as defined under Section 8002(w) of the EPPA.

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